TPO & Single-Ply – Commercial

Pillar Roofing offers a variety of commercial roofing options. With a top notch workmanship warranty and our commitment to total service satisfaction, make Pillar Roofing your first call for your commercial roof repair or replacement needs.

Reflective Roofing Membrane – Commercial Roofers

Single-Ply TPO roofing membranes are available in 45mil with a 10 year Warranty or 60mil with a 15 year Warranty. Extended warranties also available.

For great performance and a value-price, TPO roofing systems are the way to go. It’s perfect for new construction or re-roofing where superior performance is required at a cost-effective price. It features exceptional seam strength and puncture resistance, superior long-term weathering and easy installation with maximum reliability.

It may be called a Single-ply System, however in some re-roofing cases you will need to install:

Layer 1: Insulation

  • EPS Flute Filler insulation (styrofoam) for standing seam substrate. Some call it float, which will fill in the space between the standing seams. It comes in many different densities depending on the height and width of the seams.

Layer 2: Backer Board

  • Backer board with Mechanical Fasteners for the TPO to be attached or adhered to.

Layer 3: Roofing Membrane

  • Single-Ply TPO Roofing Membranes.

Layer 4: Other Items Needed

  • Bonding Adhesive if you’re installing an Adhered TPO System.
  • Special 3″ washers and fasteners if you’re installing a Mechanically Attached TPO System.
  • Special TPO Molded Pipe Boots.
  • Inside/Outside Molded Corners.
  • If you have a Paraffin wall on the roof you will need Cap Metal to terminate the final fold over.

Garland Christian Academy (GCA) needed a TPO Roofing System with ISO Insulation installed over their damaged and leaking metal Gymnasium roof:

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