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Steve Monahan
Steve Monahan

Project Manager

From: Born in McKinney, Texas but was relocated to California as an infant. Steve returned to Texas in 1995 and resides in Garland.
Background: As a young man, Steve worked in the high-end service industry from coast to coast. He spent numerous years in the Bay area of Silicone Valley working in the engineering field. He worked as a drafter and illustrator for various disk drive companies in the late eighties. Upon returning to the great state of Texas, Steve became interested in roofing and construction through a mutual friend. His expertise in the industry and his passion for people led him to begin his own company. He wanted to build a business on the pillars of honesty, integrity, and excellence. His desire to partner with people from start to finish, from initial contract to final inspection, has given him a powerful reputation in the roofing industry.
Interests: Family, Cooking, Music, Billiards, Cinema, and Traveling

Wayne Dishman

Commercial Sales Manager
210 632-4201

From: Born in Virginia, but have lived in McKinney, TX for the last ten years.
Background: Wayne has been in the people business since the age of fifteen. He spent twenty-eight years as a minister, meeting the needs of congregations in Virginia, Ohio, and Texas.  For the last nine years, he has served the McKinney School District in the classroom, motivating and encouraging young people to live their lives with passion and purpose. His desire to help people has brought him to Pillar as our newest Sales Representative. Wayne’s philosophy is simple: “Every person is a person of value. Every person deserves respect. Therefore, put people first and success will follow.”
Interests: Studying the Bible, Family, Exercising, Watching High School and College Athletics.

Bisma Kahn

Project Manager

From: Born in Bronx New York, but was relocated to Connecticut during adolescence. Bisma migrated to Texas in 2019. She now resides in Sachse, TX.
Background: Bisma began her career working in the salon industry, where she discovered her love for people. She migrated to Dallas as a new mom of 3, where she quickly found herself building a community group of 950+ local members in the Dallas area. She has since created various outlets as an act of community service. Bisma has organized many networking events and fundraisers that help support local families in need, single moms and domestic violence victims. Her recent work experience in the roofing industry and her desire to keep the community connected has brought her to Pillar as the newest Project Manager.
Interests: Family, Extreme Sports, Carpentry, Makeup, Dancing, and Karaoke.

Ty Trevathan

Project Manager

From: Texas born and raised, originally from Houston, and now resides in North Dallas.
Background: Ty is a former collegiate athlete and sales professional who worked alongside his father building a successful commercial roofing business prior to coming on board with the Pillar. A dedicated and hardworking individual who meets the needs of the customer by continuing his father’s legacy and philosophy of building relationships based on integrity and honesty, whether in business or personal relationships. Ty has several years of experience working in sales and with people, knowing firsthand what it takes to start up and run a commercial roofing company, and how integral relationships are to its success.
Interests: Music, playing guitar, singing, cinema, sports and traveling.

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