How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor in Richardson, TX

You love the location of your home, but it’s outdated, or maybe it doesn’t function the way your family needs it to. Instead of packing up and moving to a new house, you’d rather remodel your current space. You know you can’t do all the work yourself and you need professional help. When it comes time to choose a remodeling contractor in Richardson, TX, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor in Richardson, TX

Remodeling Experience Is a Must

You have a vision for your home’s remodel and you need a remodeling contractor who has the experience to accomplish your goals. The remodeling pros at Pillar Roofing & Construction have been providing exceptional remodeling services in Richardson, TX and the surrounding areas since 2004. We’ll happily provide you with a list of references, and we invite you to browse our gallery of projects to see first-hand what we can do.

Proper Licenses and Insurance

Before you sign any agreement with a remodeling company, it’s vital that you ask for their license and insurance information. A reputable home remodeling contractor will readily provide you with these details. If a contractor balks at showing you their license, or proving that they have insurance coverage, move on. You can rest assured that Pillar Roofing & Construction is fully licensed and insured to perform home remodeling.

Written Estimates and Guarantees

The last thing you want is a nasty surprise bill after your remodeling project is underway. Make sure you get a detailed, written estimate that includes all the labor, materials, and other costs before you sign on the dotted line. At Pillar Roofing & Construction, we won’t hide any costs from you, and we’ll stick to the quoted figures. If a change needs to be made that change those numbers, we’ll talk to you first.

If you’re ready to discuss your home remodeling project, contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation with you. Our friendly, professional staff and team of skilled tradespeople will work closely with you to bring your dreams to reality.

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