Service Details you can expect from us:

No Cost Inspections

Our team knows the Hail & Wind damage criteria that your insurance company follows and what they may or may not cover. Our post storm inspections are very thorough which include photographs and itemized detailed reports.

We report back to you with our findings and advise you on filing a claim or not.

Adjuster Meetings

Meeting your Adjuster for the initial insurance property damage inspection can help you in 3 ways.

  • we can negotiate how repairs will be done & the cost factors.
  • we can speed up the claim process & all the paperwork involved.
  • we can schedule it even if your busy or out of town.

Our client references would tell you that things go smoother when our team is there.

Claim Report Analyzing

The Insurance Claim Reports can be confusing to most property owners.These reports are filled with insurance lingo, abbreviations, and cost factors that can be daunting.

Our team knows how to read these reports and break it down for you. We use the same Software as the Insurance Companies!

Supplement Filings

A supplement is a request for your insurance company to increase payment amounts or add line items that were missed. Our team produces this document, submits it, and coordinates with your insurance company from start to finish.

Almost every claim will need a supplement for something!

Mortgage Company Assistance

Some mortgage companies have detailed paperwork packets for the property owners to complete in order to receive payments for repairs.Our team will assist you and help expedite the process

This service we provide is priceless, believe me!

General Contractor Services

Pillar Roofing CTX offers to be a General Contractor for our clients with storm damage claims. As a one stop shop our team will provide repair services for all your property damage.

Including: Roofing, Gutters, Siding, Windows, Exterior/Interior Painting, Fencing, A/C work, and all related storm damage.

Property Appraiser Services

It’s not uncommon for disputes to arise between property owners and their insurance company. Pillar Roofing CTX works with a team of well respected Property Appraisers just for situations like this. These PA’s will negotiate an adequate pay-out with your insurance company on your behalf.

Let us help represent your interests and give you peace of mind.


Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Class 4 Shingles Insurance Certificate

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