Slate Roofing

Pillar Roofing offers a wide variety of decorative roofing options. The durability and beauty of slate continues to make it one of the most desirable roofs available. However, removing old slate roofs and installing new ones is no easy task. It is often reserved for only the most experienced installers. Our slate installers are specialists with this type of roofing, and their experience and attention to detail shows on every job. In addition, we offer a top notch warranty on our workmanship.

Natural Slate Roofs

Natural slate comes in many colors, sizes and textures to produce an array of architectural effects. Intermingling the different slate tiles during the installation process will produce a rough old world look, contributing to the appearance and beauty of any home or building. Our slate tile sources are from worldwide quarries with many color choices for your roofing project.

Blending hand-crafted artistry with quality products and installation produces a beautiful roofing system that frequently lasts over a century.


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