Wood Shakes Roofing

Pillar Roofing offers a wide variety of decorative roofing options. Cedar shakes and shingles are built to withstand the elements and will enhance the appearance of your home or building. Fire treated shakes and shingles provide excellent fire protection and meet the rigorous testing standards for Class “A, B or C” fire resistance and weathering as set by the Uniform Building Code and National Fire Protection Association. Warranties range from 25 to 50 years. In addition, Pillar Roofing offers our own top notch warranty on our workmanship.

  • #1 Perfection Shingles of western red cedar for roofs and sidewalls are selected from only the best mills. They are 100% heartwood, clear and edge grain, meaning they are without defect and are blemish free. Thinner than a shake, wood shingles are cut tapered and smooth sawn on both faces for a very neat, tailored appearance.
  • #2 Perfection Shingles are cut in the same length and thickness as a #1 perfection, but limited defects and blemishes are allowed. Some knots are permitted; flatgrain and sapwood are allowed as well.
  • #3 Perfection Shingles are considered to be utility grade shingles for economy applications and secondary buildings such as gazebos, outbuildings.

Fire Retardant Roofs  

Fire retardant cedar shakes and shingles can be used as an affordable and convenient alternative in many areas where the building code requires flame-resistant materials to be used. Pressure treated with a solution in a rigidly controlled manufacturing process renders them resistant to burning embers and light fire exposure to the roof deck.

  • Medium Shakes are used when a more rustic, highly textured look is desired. Thicker than shingles (1/2 inch at the butt) and unlike wood shingles, are sawn smooth on one side only. These Medium shakes come from mills in Canada and the Pacific Northwest, handmade by skilled craftsmen in communities dedicated to producing quality natural wood roofing.
  • Heavy Shakes are the same as medium shakes but much thicker and heavier than any other shake, giving the roof the ultimate rugged or rustic appearance. Heavy shakes are extremely durable and represent the ultimate in wood roofing products.

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