Warranty time period is determined by the overall condition and age of the roof’s structure and existing flashings.

1 Year

2 Year

5 Year

10 Year

LifeTime Workmanship


1. This warranty is limited to the Roofing Systems and any accessories that were provided and installed by Pillar Roofing CTX.

This warranty does not cover damages to the interior of the property caused by winds 40 mph and above that allows wind blown rain to entering attic from any flashings. This warranty does not cover consequential and incidental damages.

2. Pillar Roofing CTX shall have no obligation under this warranty until the final payment has been received and any approved Insurance supplement checks due to a filed claim supplement generated by a Representative of Pillar Roofing CTX. Final Payment amounts and insurance supplement amounts must be stated on the project contract by a Representative or Project Manager of Pillar Roofing CTX on the reverse side of this signed and dated document.

3. Please Read the Follow if a leak occurs in the Roofing System: OFFICE # 214-293-3904

(A) The Property Owner must call, Email or give written notice to Pillar Roofing CTX within 5 Days of discovering a leak;
(B) The Property Owner must agree to a full investigation and inspection of the Roofing system, including, the attic and interior area.
(C) If Pillar Roofing CTX determines that the leak was caused by improper installation workmanship, Pillar Roofing CTX shall be limited to repair the leak and any work necessary to achieve the leak repair.
(D) If proper notice was given on this roof leak issue, Pillar Roofing CTX will repair interior damage caused by the roof leak.
(E) Should the investigation and inspection reveal that the leak was caused by something other than the workmanship performed by Pillar Roofing CTX during the installation process the repair costs will be the owners responsibility to paid.
(F) If Property Owner delays repairs or payment for repairs, our Pillar Roofing CTX Warranty may be subject to being null & void.
(G) If any repairs are required to this Roofing System, at the owners expense, and the owner chooses not to use Pillar Roofing CTX to preform these repairs, our Pillar Roofing CTX Warranty may be subject to being null & void.

4. Pillar Roofing CTX shall not be responsibility for roof, homes interior, or attic damages do to any of the following occurs.

(A) Natural forces, Natural disasters or acts of God.
(B) Tornado winds or wind blown rain entering the attic or interior spaces.
(C) Winds exceeding 40 mph and above that allows wind blown rain to entering attic from any flashings.
(D) Hail storms, lightening storms, straight-line wind storms, atomic radiation or any air craft accident of any kind.
(E) Damage by any animals, insects, birds or rodents.

5. If Property Owners wants or needs alterations to be made to this Roofing system, Pillar Roofing CTX must be notified in a reasonable amount of time to perform all repairs or pertinent improvements for the duration of our warranty, or our Pillar Roofing CTX Warranty may be subject to being null & void.

6. Care and Maintenance of this Roofing System:

General roof maintenance should be done every 2 years to enhance your roofs life span and integrity. Property Owner is responsible for the care and maintenance of this Roof System which includes:

(A) General wear and weathering from time, aging caused by the sun’s heat, wind, hail, rain and freezing conditions.
(B) Flashings, vents, HVAC units, major fixtures and stacks will be subject to weathering, rusting, and general wear.
(C) Pipe Jack flashing, and all caulking with ware out over time due to our Texas region and the elements.

7. Property Owner is responsible for all damages caused by contractors, or other persons that may access this Roofing System to do repairs, new installs, or maintenance on any area which may include the following:

Satellite dish installation, Antenna installation, Chimney or mortar repairs, Siding or veneer repairs, HVAC repair or replacement, Plumbing repair issues, Exterior painting, Decorations & lights, General contractor access, Skylight repair or replacement

I/We the Property Owner have read and understand the TERMS, CONDITIONS, LIMITATIONS AND DEFINITIONS.

Warranty Transfers:

NOTE: Workmanship Warranty is Transferable to a new Property Owner for the next 5 Years. Pillar Roofing CTX must perform a roof inspection prior to this Warranty Transfer being approved.

New Property Owners must contact Pillar Roofing CTX at 214-293-3904 to schedule roof inspections within 5 Days of new Ownership.
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