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Commercial Roof Coatings

Pillar Roofing offers a variety of commercial roofing options. With a top notch workmanship warranty and our commitment to total service satisfaction, make Pillar Roofing your first call for your commercial roof repair or replacement needs.

Styrene Ethylbutlyene Styrene (SEBS) Reflective Roof Coatings

Pillar Roofing & Construction specializes in the restoration of your commercial roofing system.

ARCHITECTURAL ROOF COATINGS are formulated to provide maximum water resistance, a highly reflective roof surface and maximum UV protection. With the development of the Styrene Ethylbutlyene Styrene (SEBS) reflective roof coatings, a product emerged that not only withstands ponding water, but also provides high reflectivity and prevents damage by solar ultraviolet radiation.

SEBS Reflective Roof Coatings Have:

  • Elongation Properties of 600%
  • Tensile Strength of 1000% psi
  • Water Absorption Rate of 0.004%

The reflectivity of the coating is in excess of 90% at the time of application. SEBS reflective roof coatings will reduce energy consumption by the building owner and help to reduce the “Island in the Sun Effect”.

When professionally applied, these coatings will reduce heat build-up in roofing materials, thus reducing premature aging and thermal shock. After curing, the coatings form a seamless monolithic roof surface.

SEBS Coatings Can Be Applied To:

  • APP Membranes
  • SBS Membranes
  • Built-Up Roof Membranes
  • EPDM or HYPALON Roofs
  • All Types of Metal Roofs

5, 10 and 15 Year Warranties Are Available

UL Approved: Class A metal, Class A combustible, ML file R16364

Before And After

Reflective Roof Coatings

Want More Information About Our Commercial Roofing Services?

We Believe You Need To Know What’s Going On Up There

After Pillar Roofing completes a thorough inspection of your entire roofing system, we will generate a comprehensive roof inspection report for the business owner. Any deficiencies, maintenance issues, or storm damage will be documented. Photographs will be taken to communicate visually, as well as verbally, the condition of the roof. We want you to know what is going on up there. This process provides the client security, peace of mind, and documentation should future roofing issues arise.

Protection & Quality Assurance

Upon completion of the project, two inspections will occur over a one year period. Thermal imaging guns will be used to identify any imperfections or deficiencies. Any abnormalities will be addressed, documented, and reported to the owner immediately. After the first year, an annual inspection will occur over the course of the next four years.

Safety First

An impeccable safety record is as important as the quality of our customer service. Our Roofing Teams take safety seriously. Our industry is labor intensive with complex safety requirements. We are committed to annual comprehensive training under OSHA protocols. Each project site is thoroughly vetted from a “safety first” perspective. Safety protocols are strictly enforced through the entirety of the project. OSHA safety rules are continuously enforced.

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