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Commercial Roofing Options

Navigating through the many options available for a roofing company in Richardson  project can be time consuming. Many things must be considered, such as finding a local commercial roofing company that has the expertise to fulfill your roofing project specifications.

The candidate must have:

  • Proper Credentials
  • Adequate Insurance Coverage
  • Warranty Certification Ability
  • A Solid Reputation

Great Customer Service

Talk of the Town News, 5 star award for “Excellence in Customer Satisfaction” in 2014. Talk of the Town News vow to benefit consumers & businesses alike by providing comprehensive & accurate research in the area of customer satisfaction. Pillar Roofing CTX has been a winner of this award for the past four years, with no less than 4 stars.

Why Us

We offer a comprehensive roof reporting system called the “W.A.R. Plan” (Weatherproofing And Roofing Plan).

We Believe You Need To Know What’s Up There.

After a thorough inspection of your entire roofing system this report is generated and provided to you. All deficiencies are documented and photographed including: Full descriptions of the roofing system, perimeter, flashings and field areas.

Our roofing technicians and inspectors are equipped with the latest high-tech digital Thermal Imaging Moisture Detecting Camera Gun.

How does this technology benefit you:

  • Pinpoints water intrusion.
  • Finds moisture beneath the surface in minutes.
  • Quickly scans large areas to assess and report what is restorable.
  • The documentation we provide is indisputable.

Protection & Quality Assurance

During the first year there will be two thorough inspections done six months apart. Our thermal imaging camera guns will be used to identify any imperfections or deficiencies on these inspection visits. Any deficiencies that may appear will be addressed, repaired and reported in writing to the owner immediately. After the first year there will be a scheduled inspection once a year for the next four years.

Safety First

Committed to keeping our safety record impeccable and blemish free is as important as our top service. It’s imperative to us as a roofing company to take safety seriously. Our industry is labor-intensive, with complex and difficult safety requirements. Annual comprehensive training with OSHA is a constant concern our entire team believes in and is committed to. Each project work site is thoroughly mapped out from a “safety first aspect”. Safety plans and procedures are developed and reviewed by the entire project team. Once the project is under way our project managers will be auditing and ensuring compliance with our in house safety program. OSHA safety rules are enforced.

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